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About Us


 We pursue our vision by focusing all our efforts on making Workers University College a University of gold standard of excellence in Academics and Professional Studies in Eswatini, SADC Region, Africa and beyond.



Our mission describes why Workers University College exists. To produce, highly qualified, competently skilled academicians and professionals who will meet the demands of industry and the workforce with excellence in service delivery.



Core values reflect the core principles and beliefs that guide our work at Workers University College and these are;


Excellence: All College functions and services must strive for the highest level of excellence to successfully achieve our vision and mission. Learning and teaching activities must be of the highest quality to help our students achieve their goals.

Transparency and Accountability; As an institution, we believe we must assure responsibility for all our decisions and actions and we must also be open, transparency and honest in all our affairs and always ensure that we are making the best use of our resources.

Respect for Diversity: All constituencies are important to achieving our vision. Therefore, we must respect the unique and diverse perspectives each person offers and embrace those differences as the means for developing the strongest learning community possible.

Equity: We believe that everyone must have an equal opportunity to grow through learning and pledge to provide all who take part in our learning activities with the opportunity and support needed for success.


WUC objectives

  • Give intellectual, moral, professional and scientific education to the students;

  • Teach and train in diverse domains of education and other professionals courses;

  • Attach a particular importance to professional practice;

  • Contribute to the achievement of the National Education Sector Policy.


The pay-off line or motto is“quality education for all!”

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